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Chanita Ingram – Financial Writer and Expert of Second Chance Payday Loans. She started her career in lending and personal finances in One Detroit Credit Union right after graduating from the University of Michigan, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Finance. While working with CU members, Chanita gained an understanding of people’s problems and needs and decided to start her small financial blog to share her experience with people who can’t turn to financial advisors when they get into difficult situations. She has dedicated herself to helping people manage their finances and improve their financial health. Her articles will help you not only understand how the lending industry works but also find some useful tips and advice on saving money on a daily basis.

Chanita Ingram
Avoid Lying on Loan Application Penalty

How to Avoid Lying on Loan Application Penalty?

Have you ever lied on the loan application? We hope not! But to be entirely informed, read on about lying on a loan application penalty and its consequences. We gathered all the reasons why people lie on loan applications and how to avoid the misunderstaning when getting a loan.

How Is The Interest Rate On a Payday Loan Calculated

How Is The Interest Rate On a Payday Loan Calculated?

Do you want to take out a loan to cover your emergencies but don’t know how is the payday loan interest rate calculated? Read on and find out first how do payday loans work and what is an average payday loan interest rate and its annual percentage rate.