$800 Loan – Get Fast Cash from A Direct Lender

Fast $800 Loan from A Direct Lender

800 Dollar Loan

If you’re in a bind and need cash fast, you may be wondering how to get an $800 loan. And if you have a bad credit score, such loans are relevant for you too. But not all of them are created equal. At Second Chance Payday Loans, you can get an $800 loan from a direct lender with any credit rating, and there’s no hard credit check will be performed. Just complete our online loan request form and get a loan for $800 as soon as the next business day!

What Is a Loan for $800?

An 800 dollar loan is one of the fastest ways to access money for people with different credit histories who get in a tough financial situation. Payday lenders that offer this form of debt are not focused on borrowers’ credit ratings and are not interested in your credit score going down. Therefore, they don’t run hard checks through major credit bureaus. This is also the reason why these loans are so fast. The money typically reaches a borrower’s bank account as soon as the next business day.

$800 loan options may vary from each other in loan terms and conditions. Some cash advances are limited by your next payday, while others offer an installment structure with up to 24 monthly payments. Also, these bad credit loans differ in interest rates. Interest rates, in their turn, vary based on the state and the particular lender. 

Can I Get an $800 Payday Loan with Poor Credit?

While banks and credit unions strictly monitor compliance with their minimum credit score requirements, direct loan providers allow you to borrow 800 dollars with any credit. With this type of loan, you don’t even need to put up collateral to secure your debt. However, a loan provider will check your solvency before sending you a loan approval decision.

This way, you need to demonstrate a sufficient income that will be high enough to service your potential debt. So based on your pay stubs, the lender will decide whether they agree on the whole sum or give you a $700 loan with no credit check instead. This way, they want to ensure you will be able to pay off the loan with your next salary.

When Can an $800 Loan Be a Good Option?

An $800 loan can be a good option for many people because it can provide the funds needed in a pinch and is generally easy to qualify for. The funds can be used for anything from emergency expenses, such as medical bills and car repairs, to home improvement. Additionally, $800 loans are often available from a variety of service providers, so you have multiple options to choose from. If you’re searching for the best lender, Second Chance Payday Loans can gladly connect you with it.

Pros and Cons of $800 Loans

Pros of Payday Loan

Let’s start with the advantages. 800 dollar loans are fast to get. If you meet a lender’s borrowing requirements, it can deposit money to your checking account within 24 hours or less. Also, an $800 loan requires just a few details and several minutes to apply. Additionally, this form of borrowing is available for customers with bad credit histories. Finally, you can get extra cash wired in 1 hour with no restrictions on a loan purpose.

Cons of Payday Loan

Although an $800 loan can be helpful in many situations, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. First of all, it’s a high interest rate. Furthermore, if you don’t repay the loan on time, you may be subject to late fees or other penalties. Additionally, depending on the lender, you may be required to provide collateral, such as your car or home. Finally, taking out an $800 loan can impact your credit score if you don’t make timely payments – which could make it more difficult to borrow money in the future.

How to Find the Best $800 Loan for Me?

Taking out a loan can be a big decision, even if you apply for small loan amounts. Therefore, it’s quite normal to want to make sure you find the best loan possible. Researching different lenders and comparing their rates and terms can help you with this. Here are a few things you should look at when researching lenders:

Check out whether the lender has a license. You can check this by contacting your state’s financial regulator or checking the lender’s website.
Read reviews from other borrowers. You can find reviews on the lender’s website, as well as third-party websites like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau.
Compare interest rates and fees. Be sure to compare both the APR (annual percentage rate) and the actual interest rate you’ll be paying on your loan. You can also compare other fees, such as origination fees or prepayment penalties.
Find the Best $800 Loan
$800 Loan Requirements

What Are $800 Loan Requirements?

Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few lenders, it’s time to check their eligibility criteria for borrowing. Some common requirements include the following:

Age: To borrow 800 dollars from direct loan providers, you need to be of legal age in your state. For most states, it means that you need to reach the age of 18;
A steady income: Lenders will want to see that you have a steady income, so they know you’ll be able to make your loan payments on time each month. This can come from employment, self-employment, disability benefits, or even alimony or child support payments;
U.S. citizenship or residency: Most lenders require borrowers to be U.S. citizens or legal residents in order to qualify for a loan.

I Need 800 Dollars Now. What Are My Options?

At Second Chance Payday Loans, we offer a full range of personal loan options for 800 dollars.

Payday Loan

Payday Loans

An $800 payday loan is a short-term loan with a repayment date by your next payday. An 800 dollar loan requires you to fully repay it after your salary arrives.

Payday Loan

Installment Loans

If you want to repay your cash advance in parts, an installment loan is an option that gives you such an opportunity. Loan terms for installment loans can be up to 24 months.

Payday Loan

Car Title Loans

If you’re looking for a lower interest rate than a payday loan offers, consider a title loan. This is a short-term secured debt that requires you to provide a pledge, typically your automobile.

How to Get an $800 Loan with Bad Credit?

If your credit is considered underbanked, it may be difficult to qualify for a loan from a bank or credit union. But you still can seek help from a number of online lenders that specialize in loans for people with bad credit. Once you’ve found the right loan provider with the requirements that you can confidently meet, it’s time to apply for the loan. The application process will vary depending on the lender, but a typical loan application form usually includes the following basic information:

Personal information and contact details: You will be asked to provide a lender with accurate information about your full name, date of birth, address, contact cell phone number, email, ID, and Social Security number. Sometimes you may also need to specify your driver’s license number;
Employment information: You’ll need to provide your employment status, income, and employer’s contact information.
Financial information: Lenders will want to see your bank statements and credit score to get an idea of your financial history.

After you complete an online form, a lender makes sure you meet its eligibility criteria and conducts a soft credit check to access your payment history. If everything is good, you will receive a loan offer by email. Read it carefully and sign it only if you agree with all the terms. After signing, the funds will be in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Why Choose Second Chance Payday Loans?

If you’re in need of quick cash and are wondering how to get an $800 loan fast, Second Chance Payday Loans is here to help you out. Whatever credit you have, you may be able to get a loan in as little as 24 hours. We work with reputable lenders only and allow borrowers to access their offers completely free. At Second Chance Payday Loans, you can borrow 800 dollars without a hard credit check just by filling out an online loan request form. We offer an almost instant decision and a high approval rate for our payday loan options.

Get $800 from A Direct Lender