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Online Payday Loans Florida

Even if a financial emergency hooked you all of a sudden, there is still an option that can help you beat it. Whether you need a little help to cover unexpected expenses or an urgent loan for bad credit, we have a reliable offer for you!

Whenever you live in Florida, Second Chance Payday Loans is here to help you with payday loans right away. You’re welcome to apply online 24/7 from anywhere in the state – from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee, from Hollywood to Fort Myers, from Miami to Jacksonville, or from South Beach to the Boca Raton area. Fill out our online submission form and get a short-term loan with no credit check the next business day or by the end of the same day!

What Are Online Payday Loans?

What Are Online Payday Loans?

Payday loans are small cash advances you need to pay back when you receive your next paycheck. This is a fast cash you can get within one business day if you meet just a few simple requirements that almost any adult American can satisfy.

Typically, you can borrow from $100 to $1,000 and repay the money in no more than 30 days. These loans are also known for a simple application process and high approval rate for bad credit borrowers.

A payday loan is commonly a short-term financial solution you can access with both a bad and perfect credit score. As payday loan lenders don’t check a borrower’s credit rating through major credit bureaus, obtaining a loan from them doesn’t affect your credit score.

At Second Chance Payday Loans, we’re happy to provide you with fast cash without any impact on your credit history! Payday loan amounts need to be repaid in one large sum on the agreed date. It usually happens automatically.

The lender will electronically deduct money from your bank account. Thus, the whole process usually takes place online and doesn’t require you to take any additional actions besides completing an online loan request form.

How Does a Florida Cash Advance Work?

Payday loans in Florida are legal. There is a $500 limit for a payday loan with a one-lump-sum payment or a $1,000 restriction if you will make the repayment in equal monthly installments. An annual percentage rate may reach 304%. Here is a Florida payday loan overview:

Min repayment term:

7 days for lump-sum repayments and 30 days for installment loans.

Max repayment term:

31 days for lump-sum repayments and 90 days for installment loans.

Finance charge:

10% per each $100 obtained plus a $5 verification fee.

Representative example:

with $100 borrowed, you’ll have to repay $115, including the $15 fee cost, which gives us an interest rate of 391% APR for a two-week loan term.

Payday loans in Florida work similarly to any other emergency loans. First, you should complete an online application form and hit enter to let us share your details with direct lenders that are willing to help. Once a lender reviews your application details, you will get a loan decision. It usually doesn’t take a lender more than 15 minutes to complete your loan verification process.

If approved, you will get a loan offer by email. You should read your loan documents carefully and contact a loan broker in case of any questions to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Your loan agreement contains all the important details that affect your payment amount and more. Thus, you should sign a loan contract only after you make sure all the details satisfy you.

Although payday loans are easy to get, they usually come with high interest rates. As customers with any credit scores are welcome to apply for payday loans, lenders try to minimize the risk of non-payment by setting high interest rates and fees for their services. So, you should use payday loans cautiously and don’t spend cash on non-essential purchases.

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for?

Actually, payday loan lenders usually don’t have any limits when it comes to a loan purpose. However, as it may be an expensive type of borrowing, customers usually use it to overcome their financial emergencies. Here are the most common reasons why you might need a payday cash advance:

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Cover medical expenses

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Pay rent

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Make a debt consolidation

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Pay utilities

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Cover repair works

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Make a credit card payment

What Can I Use a Payday Loan Amount for

Cover your daily basics

Can I Get Florida Online Loans Same Day?

Loan providers are more likely to transfer money to your bank account as soon as the next business day. However, some lenders offer same-day emergency funding for those who apply early in the morning on a weekday.

Can I Get a Payday Loan With a Bad Credit Score?

You can apply and get approved with any credit score. Lenders usually make loan decisions based on your income, not credit rating. Thus, if your income is enough to afford an up to $1,000 payday loan, you can borrow cash from a lender, even with bad or fair credit. However, a lender can still reject your loan request in case of any doubts about your creditworthiness.

Payday Loan Pros and Cons

Payday loans may be lifesaving if you borrow money responsibly. Here are some benefits payday lenders offer:

Fast money funding within one working day;
Easy to get with any credit history;
Simple application available from anywhere;
Unsecured services with no collateral backing;

plusGuaranteed loan decision within 1 hour or less.

At the same time, payday loans also have several disadvantages you need to consider before making a lending decision:

Need to be paid all at once within up to 31 days;
Come with high interest rates and processing fees;
Can’t meet your long-term needs.

Why Choose Second Chance Payday Loans?

Second Chance Payday Loans is a lending company aimed at helping people get over financial emergencies fast and without bother. We provide fair lending services from direct lenders and are eager to help Florida residents from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville solve their money problems regardless of their FICO scores. We provide:

Free application process with no origination fee or any additional cost.

Almost instant decision. You don’t need to wait for a response for days. We send you a loan decision shortly after you submit a loan request form.

High approval rate for bad credit. You can get approved with any credit score if you’re an adult and your monthly income is enough to carry out your loan payment obligations.

Data security. We use only the modern security services to avoid your data leak and don’t share your personal details with third parties.

Trusted lenders. Second Chance Payday Loans works with licensed and trusted lenders only, so you may be sure you seek help from a legitimate loan provider.

Qualified assistance. Our staff is enthusiastic experts who love what they do and willing to share their knowledge with you. You’re welcome to contact us with any questions associated with getting an emergency cash advance.

Am I Eligible for a Payday Loan from Second Chance Payday Loans?

We do our best to simplify the process of obtaining a loan as much as possible. Therefore, almost every resident of Florida can qualify for a payday loan from Second Chance Payday Loans. You’re welcome to apply online if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

You’re over the age of 18;
Can confirm your residentship with a valid ID; 
Have a live checking account;
Can provide a lender with your personal and contact details;
Have an annual income of no less than $12,000.
Am I Eligible for a Payday Loan?

How Can I Get Payday Loans Online Florida?

Getting payday cash advances in Florida never was so easy! All you need is to:

Visit our website and fill out an online submission form

Get a loan approval decision

Sign a loan agreement

Access the funds

Get Online Loans in Florida Today!

We’re here to help you get your finances back on track and get out of debt. Once we receive your application, we guarantee to approve you a loan that you can easily repay.